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Supplier of personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry to supervise operations, domestic or overseas, on or off shore, as requested by the client. 

Our Mission

Griffin Oil and Gas Services Inc. will always strive to supply highly experienced and motivated personnel to the Oil and Gas Industry as onsite supervisors along with engineering issues and project management.  Griffin Oil and Gas Services personnel will always be highly trained and experienced in various types of wells, operations and procedures.  We strive to keep only honest personnel with the highest ethics and character.  Personnel have a high regard to the safe and timely manner in which the work progresses, with the clients concerns and interest held in the highest regards.

We will provide superior supervision services for your Drilling,  Completion, Well Servicing, Production, and Engineering needs.

Company Profile

Griffin Oil and Gas Services Inc. is based out of Riverton, Wyoming.  The company started as a one person operation, but quickly increased in personnel with a wide range of experience - working in various location throughout the United States, with the majority supplied in in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.  The majority of these supervisors have a wide range of experience in different countries and varied operations.



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